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This site is built and designed by me, DP, including all graphics and photos, unless otherwise noted in the image title (when you hold the cursor over an image). Please see Other for my producer and designer work. See my Dance Artist bio (if you dare). Join my email list. Get in touch:

As recipient of the Iris Garland Emerging Choreographer Award, I am creating, performing and co-presenting a yet to be titled work Oct 27 & 28, 8pm @ The Dance Centre as a part of their 2017/18 season. Created in collaboration w/ performers Barbara Bourget, Kim Sato, Justine A. Chambers; costume & set artist Natalie Purschwitz; lighting designer James Proudfoot and inside eye Alexa Mardon. This work is generously supported by the British Columbia Arts Council and The Dance Centre.

Dancers Playing Basketball: We are a group of dance artists who’ve been gathering to play basketball, in which we have varying degrees of experience. Some of us had never touched a ball before. I played in high school. Our coach Katie Lowen played four years NCAA at SFU. We’ve got three shows coming up as a part of the 2017 Vancouver International Dance Festival: March 5, 12 & 19, 2pm @ Woodward's Atrium. Created and played by Katie and me, DP, in collaboration with players Natalie Gan, Walter Kubanek, Alex Tam, Blake Worthey and Erika Mitsuhashi. These shows are FREE!

House Dance Fridays

House Dance Mondays

I'm working on a new solo...

I’m working as rehearsal director and stage manager with dance artist Ziyian Kwan, towards presentations of her works The Mars Hotel and Kwan Yin this winter. Catch both shows in Vancouver Feb 22–25 @ Firehall.

I'm collaborating with plastic orchid factory on a ditty for BLiNK Feb 10, 8pm @ Russian Hall

This winter, I’m co-hosting the work of other dance artists, some times as sort of off activities to local festivals.

Daisy Thompson's Cap Choreo performs task, ego, auction, team work, the ordinary, consumerism, participation, entertainment, competition, dance, choreography, inclusion/exclusion, a sense of autonomy, autonomy, category, time etc. etc.: Jan 26, 9:30pm @ Gold Saucer Studio

Amanda Acorn’s solo multiform is a love letter to perpetual motion and a testament to body magic: Feb 2, 9:30pm @ Gold Saucer Studio


I'm subbing Emmalena Fredriksson's class Dec 15 & Jan 5, 10–11:30am @ Harbour Dance Centre. Come spread out, pour and be porous with me.

Come party (dance & get sweaty) with us Dec 9, 9pm @ Gold Saucer Studio; $10 cover, $5 drinks, great DJ's...

I'm producer, curator and stage manager for Interplay Oct 14 & 15 @ Moberly Studio Theatre. Featuring multidisciplinary approaches to performance by Dave Biddle & Patrick Blenkarn; Alex Mah; Robert Abubo; Kelly McInnes & Roxanne Nesbitt and Lara A. Abadir, Stefan Smulovitz, Catherine Falkner & Luis G. Canton.

It's a pleasure to participate in Roxanne Nesbitt's Mutual Instruments project.

I'm kicking off Working Class' 7th season, teaching Sep 12, 14 & 16, 10–11:30am.

It lives! This August we take NEW RAW on an indie dance tour to Toronto. Click here to see a webpage I've created documenting this project over the past 3 years...

I just joined Gold Saucer. Looking forward to hosting you all in the space soon...

I'm working as outside eye to Jeanette Kotowich during her residency at SFU Woodward's and supporting her creation process for her new solo Valley.

I'm collaborating with dance artist and writer Alexa Mardon on an online project called DANCE HOLE. We wonder how statistics, strategies, science and politics garnered from a broader scope of culture can help dance artists navigate our roles in society, and empower us as artists.

I'm teaching Working Class May 9, 11, 13, 16, 18 & 20, 10–11:30am. I've been analyzing movement pathways that are very familiar to me and that I do a lot; What do I know about them? Are they serving me? Do I take them for granted? What are their applications? Come deconstruct some of these actions with me and we'll try to learn them anew.

Composer, installation artist and electroacoustic instrument builder Paul Paroczai and I are collaborating on Mossy Computer Break, a short work that I was commissioned to create for BC Buds May 6 & 7, 8:45pm @ Firehall Arts Centre's outdoor stage.

As a part of FUSE Apr 15 Ahmed Khalil (aka Kareem Abdul Jabaastard & A-Train) and me, DP are hosting a Music & Dance Room. This is not a performance! It is an invitation to join us for a dance party in the Vancouver Art Gallery! Featuring dance-primers Elissa Hanson, Jeanette Kotowich, Tyler Layton-Olson and Kristina Lemieux and musical mashups curated by KAJ: HERE's A TASTE FOR YOUR EARS

With The Stunt Man and Dj Ai, I'm hosting Sask Social #3, a FREE dance party inspired by prairie socials: Apr 9, 10pm–late @ Unit/Pitt Projects. Please join us for dancing, vinyl and drinks: no cover; cash bar. We'll be wrapping up the 2nd edition of the month-long An Exact Vertigo.

I'm playing records from my collection at Made In BC's Pitch Day Party Mar 30 @ Opus Hotel Bar. It will be a casual setup: bring your records, play some of mine & dance! Featuring 'dance-priming' by Elissa Hanson & Jeanette Kotowich.

I'm honoured to be a part of I Just Want to Talk About How I Just Want to Dance with You, a series of 4 pamphlets on dance and criticism by Jacquelyn Ross. Our correspondence is featured in Comfily Clad in Adidas Sweats and Jackets. Also featuring conversations w/ Brynn Catherine McNab, Alexa Solveig Mardon & Jane Ellison. Snag one at the panel discussion on dance and poetics Mar 16 @ Unit/Pitt Projects (the launch of An Exact Vertigo 2016).

The Body Talk posters I created for The Dance Centre are going to become permanent residents of the building. If anyone is interested in purchasing a newly printed one for their home, office or... please contact me.

I'm running a Performing Arts Curation Meetup in Vancouver. If this sort of activity interests you, or you're in town and you'd like to join us, please contact me.

Small Itch receives an award from Fiver in Spain. The $$$ goes towards my and Aya Garcia's next production...

I'm grateful to be invited, as outside eye, into two interdisciplinary processes for the Talking Stick Festival's Indian Acts: Jeanette Kotowich (dance artist) & Sharon Jinkerson Brass (film, community artist); and Taran Kootenhayoo (theatre, spoken word artist) & Tiffany Moses (vocalist, audio engineer). See the Full Circle Aboriginal Ensemble in collaboration with other local artists creating short new works in a limited time: Feb 21, 7pm @ Roundhouse.

Small Itch, the short dance video I made with filmmaker Aya Garcia, performer Ashley Whitehead and composer Paul Finlay, screens @ Fiver in Spain, Cinedans in Holland and Tiny Dance Film Festival in San Francisco.

I'm one of the outside eyes for A Very Deep And Meaningful Directorial research project led by Diego Romero. Open studio Feb 19 & 26, 11am-1pm @ Vancouver's Hop Bop Shop.

I'm performing in The Party's XXXX TOPOGRAPHY Jan 29 & 30 @ SFU-W in Vancouver.


I'm a part of a bunch of projects, none of which takes place in a theatre, at this year's Dance In Vancouver biennal. Dancers Playing Basketball is in the Choreography Walk directed by Justine A. Chambers. Justine and I collaborate on 3 projects: the In Vancouver publication, a document for the Choreography Walk and Female Choreographers. Ben Brown and I take over the lounge of the Holiday Inn downtown Nov 20, 10pm til late, for Party Grand Hotel. We'll be playing records from our respective collections and performing our improvised music, dance act. And... catch my Body Talk posters around The Dance Centre.

I'm teaching Working Class Nov 9 & 13

I'm playing records from my collection at The Interplay Project Oct 16 & 17 @ Moberly Arts Centre

Dancers Playing Basketball

A drummer and a dancer walk into a bar... Ben Brown and me, DP present our improvised performance act at "Here's Hoping Everything's Open!—Vol. 1, a spaced-out music night, part of Live Wednesdays @ The Emerald Jul 29 and Weird Jazz Aug 21 @ Skinny Fat Jacks, both in Vancouver.

I'm so chuffed to announce that I'm the recipient of The Dance Centre's 2015 Iris Garland Emerging Choreographer Award. The $5000 prize supports my work during The Dance Centre's 2017–18 season. I thank my family, friends, dancer colleagues, teachers, all of the choreographers I've learned from, as well as my mentors, students, collaborating artists, and the many producers, managers, administrators and audience members who have supported my 31 year development from bratty dancer to bratty dance artist. The process is far from over…

The second in a series of FREE public dance parties, join us for Summer Sask Social Jul 11 @ Gam Gallery. This party is an extension of NEW RAW w/ dj The Stunt Man tying the night together, playing all vinyl 'til late. Walk over (2 blocks) after the show to continue the dance...

NEW RAW, the show with raucous dancing accompanied by my record player, is back! Molly McDermott, Elissa Hanson, Alexa Mardon and me, DP perform the 3rd edition of NEW RAW (w/ 3 new scenes) Jul 10 & 11 @ Dancing on the Edge: "It's a cheeky dance slap in the face. And it feels amazing" Peter Dickinson review. I recorded myself doing the vinyl set of the music from the show: LISTEN | track list

With filmmaker Aya Garcia, performer Ashley Whitehead and composer Paul Finlay, I made Small Itch, a short dance video. It screens at 3 spots this Summer: Tripod, a night of dance films Jun 15 @ Guilt & Co. in Gastown; American Dance Festival’s 2015 International Screendance Festival, Jun 28, Jul 5, 12 & 19 @ Nasher Museum of Art in Durham, NC; Dance: Made in/Fait au Canada Aug 15 in Toronto.

In honour of my perfect score from the judges at Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg's Lip Sync Battle, where I combined Joy Division's Ian Curtis and Missy Elliott, here's a little mash-up playlist for you all: LISTEN | track list

I'm sub-facilitating MAMM: Music and Movement Mondays, Mar 30

As requested, here's the playlist from my recent stage work Cut Away, ft. female musicians from the 1930's–present; LISTEN | track list.

My #WomensHistoryMonth music project features FB posts about female musicians. Webpage requested and maybe coming soon...

I'm teaching Working Class Mar 16, 18 & 20

I'm dance artist in residence Mar 11–14 at An Exact Vertigo, a residency, library, mini festival, community invitation, dancing museum, book publication, lecture series and workshop series presented by Unit/Pitt Projects Mar 4–Apr 4 in Chinatown, Vancouver.

With dj The Stunt Man, I'm hosting a party inspired by Saskatchewan socials: Mar 13 @ Unit/Pitt Projects. Please join us for dancing, music and drinks: no cover; cash bar. I'm dubbing this public research, where dancers go public and the public dances.

I'm hosting FREE pre/professional dance classes Mar 10 + 12, 10–11:30-ish am @ Unit/Pitt Projects. How do we train in an art gallery? What changes when the public can see us practicing? What do we need to do what we do?

And... My semi-private research sessions @ Unit/Pitt Projects can be viewed Mar 11–14, 12-5pm, from outside, through the plate glass window, or come in for a closer look.

My latest stage work Cut Away features 4 performers aged 24 to 64: Barbara Bourget, Kim Sato, Elissa Hanson and me, DP. Blending our histories in Butoh, hip hop and contemporary dance, we are navigating how to move together. Cut Away is presented at New Works' Dance Allsorts Jan 18 and PushOFF, curated by Theatre Replacement and 605 Collective, Feb 5 + 6.

SEE a webpage I created for Cut Away | WATCH Cut Away condensed into 2 mins

Supported by the British Columbia Arts Council, I'm learning the Itcush Method of the Mitzvah Technique with Ziyian Kwan and researching its affects in my everyday life, dancing and creative process. Learn more about the Itcush Method.

WATCH Study: Static

I'm facilitating MAMM: Music and Movement Mondays, Jan 26 (and also making the posters w/ Ahmed Khalil)


A dance in a bar, I created and performed Asbestos Boots with drummer, designer and all around great guy Stuart Sproule, with special guests Ashley Whitehead + Diego Romero, for Brief Encounters Dec 22 @ The Railway Club

WATCH Asbestos Boots

I'm teaching TSV's Working Class Dec 15, 17 + 19.

With filmmaker Aya Garcia, performer Ashley Whitehead and composer Paul Finlay, I made Small Itch, a short dance video. Described on the DanceLand website "as an early 21st Century feminist critique of 20th Century body art", Small Itch screens in Seattle in December at Velocity Dance Centre's Next Dance Cinema.

WATCH Study: Chair Slide

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A woman investigates the nature of her machinery… As Artist In Residence at The Dance Centre, I present Itch with/for performer Ashley Whitehead: Apr 29 @ the Scotiabank Dance Centre and the Dancing on the Edge Festival Jul 11.


A professional dance artist, I am immersed in so much Body Talk; a specialized language of the studio that's practiced behind closed doors. However, much of what we talk about is universally applicable. This multi-media installation brings Body Talk out into the open. Body Talk was created for a Pecha Kucha at Dance in Vancouver Nov 2013 and presented at the Symposium for Embodied Artful Practices Jul 3, 2014. Next up is an installation at The Dance Centre, 2015. To see 'tips' like these in your Twitter feed, follow me: @MutableSubject

I created Structure Tone with/for 20 students of Modus Operandi, Vancouver's contemporary dance training initiative directed by David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen of Out Innerspace Dance Theatre. It was presented at the Vancouver International Dance Festival Mar 13–15 and the M.O. Show, alongside works by 605 Collective and Out Innerspace, Jun 17 + 18.

WATCH Structure Tone

WATCH a funny Structure Tone rehearsal video

Pics by Yvonne Chew of Structure Tone rehearsal and dress rehearsal

A scored improvisation for 4 performers, 1 chair, my record player and LPs from my collection, NEW RAW is a wild ride through the deep-seeded physical desires of 4 young women. We expand NEW RAW for performances in Edmonton at the Expanse Festival in March.

WATCH scenes we added for NEW RAW in Edmonton

I crawled into a tent at Edmonton's Expanse Fest and was interviewed for the I Dont Get It podcast: LISTEN


I'm playing records at Made In BC's Democratization of Dance Party Nov 22 @ Vancity Theatre. Bring your records, play some of mine & dance! Also ft. 'dance-priming' by Elissa Hanson.

photo of Deanna with a bare back, jacket on backwards

Me on the poster for EDAM Dance's Fall Choreographic Series

A scored improvisation for 4 performers, 1 chair, my record player and LPs from my collection, NEW RAW is a wild ride through the deep-seeded physical desires of 4 young women. After 5 blissed-out summer weeks in residence, we dance 6 performances in Oct/Nov at EDAM Dance, alongside new works by Peter Bingham & Rob Kitsos.


WATCH a fun NEW RAW rehearsal video by Aya Garcia

NEW RAW performer Molly McDermott's song pick for you is 'Suitcase' by Electrelane: LISTEN

NEW RAW performer Elissa Hanson's song pick for you is 'Baby' by Donnie & Joe Emerson: LISTEN

NEW RAW performer Alexa Mardon's song pick for you is 'Slow' by Mount Kimbie: LISTEN

photo of Natalie Purschwitz

NEW RAW costume/set designer Natalie Purschwitz's song pick for you is 'Tribute to Tomorrow' by Colouroid: LISTEN

My NEW RAW song pick for you is 'Son of the Sun' by Willie Dunn: LISTEN

NEW RAW Reviews! Thanks to Mark Jacobs and Peter Dickinson

Down Goes Fraser, a solo created by Vanessa Goodman for performer Deanna Peters for the Dancing on the Edge Festival July 8 + 9 @ Firehall Arts Centre

the body is a place to go

a montage of images of studios that I have danced in in recent years

A lot of rectangles

When I was young I spent the majority of my time dancing and playing sports—as much time in studios and gyms as in my family homes, especially if I count attending my parents and brothers activities too. The above montage catalogues just some of the studios I've 'lived in' in recent years in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Saskatoon...

a flyer for an upcoming performance called this dance is not about

Inspired by Susan Sontag's essay 'Against Interpretation', we (Deanna Peters, Molly McDermott, Elissa Hanson, Jennifer Hamman, Alexa Mardon, Areli Moran, Shannon Hargrove, 6 chairs, Deanna's record player and lp's from Deanna's collection) present This dance is not about... at The Contingency Plan's The Interplay Project @ Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre June 7 + 8. Join us as we challenge perception of dance (like, wtf is it?).

After many requests from students and friends, as well as some recent reads on dance and music, I'm 'publishing' Blare Public Playlists

three funky vintage record sleeves, side by side

Every Tues in Feb, I present some new dance bits at Mascall Dance's very informal BLOOM: 5 minute bits by 5 choreographers, a wine-pairing w/ each bit, a stand-up comic... no joke!!!

a photo from Dominican Republic and Gambier Island

Please join me for a showing of solo research, supported by the Canada Council and the British Columbia Arts Council: Jan 18, 12pm @ Scotiabank Dance Centre. See what I have been up to: delving into somatic practice, improvisation; and more personal choreographic sources (w/ outside eye Helen Walkley).